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Learn about methods to pay your rent or application fee

This page provides information about various methods of paying your rent. Deposits must be paid with cash, certified check, or money order. Regardless if you prefer paying rent online or in person, there are a variety of ways to pay that you should find simple and convenient. The best part is that most methods are free. We have check-marked what we think are the best payment options. Once you have made a payment, please send an email to to confirm that we received your payment.

Ways to Pay - A Summary Table

If your favorite payment method isn't listed, call or send an email to and we can make arrangements.

   Rank    Payment Method   Type Account Requirements Cost Advantages Disadvantages
Intuit Merchant Service - Quickbooks Invoicing Online Requires Checking account
Quick online solution with no fee for the tenant that replaces the Intuit Payment Network. Credit Cards accepted but a convenience fee of (currently) 3.25% applies This Intuit product replaces the IPN service that has been discontinued by the vendor.
Wells Fargo Business Deposit Card In Person No Account Required
Convenient if you are near a Wells Fargo ATM. Instant Credit for cash or money order deposits. The Best choice for "In Person" payment type. No mail or processing delays. Rent is credited when payment at the ATM is made. You need to have your Card with you and you need to get to a Wells Fargo ATM. If you forget your PIN, the Card won't work.
Online Bill Pay Online Requires Checking account
Almost all banks offer this service. With automated recurring payments, you should never experience a late fee. It is easy to use. Take the Wells Fargo Online Tour for an example of this system. The check processing takes a few days at a minimum, someties over a week. Submit payment well in advance of the due date to avoid late fees. There is a possibility the check can get delayed or lost in the mail.
Money Order via US Mail In Person No Account Required Cost of Money order Money order purchase, an envelope, and stamp are inexpensive. The tenant will need to purchase a money order and send the payment through the postal service. Although unlikely, the money order could get delayed or lost in the mail.

Improve your credit with on-line, on-time payments provides an added service that can improve you credit score. The tenant can elect to report payments to TransUnion to build their credit history. For more information please click here to access the knowledge Base.

Ways to Pay - Lots of Ways... In Detail

Wells Fargo Business Deposit Card

We can provide you with a Wells Fargo Business Deposit Card to make rent payments at any Wells Fargo Automated Teller Machine ("ATM".) There is no transaction cost for this service and we provide the initial Card for free. The map to the right shows Wells Fargo ATM locations in the greater Raleigh area. Note, however, that you can make payments at any Wells Fargo ATM in the country. Each red dot represents the location of a Wells Fargo ATM, and the labeled markers represent Wells Fargo branch locations.

Using a Wells Fargo ATM is a convenient and easy way to pay your rent. Payments work just like a deposit into a checking account, because that is effectively what it is. The account is a deposit only account and you need your Card and PIN to make a transaction.

Wells Fargo ATMs are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your cash payments credit your tenant account based on the time and day of your transaction, so even at the 11th hour you can make a rent apyment and avoid a late fee!

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After you make a payment, you should request a paper receipt of your transaction. Hang on to your receipt just like you would for a money order payment.

Intuit invoicing via Quickbooks

Intuit provides online payment services at no cost to the tenant, via online payment processing systems to small businesses. This service is a replacement for the Intuit Payment Network (IPN) service. This Payment service allows tenants to confidently pay rent through the Intuit secure online payment system.

Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and other bank online "bill pay" systems

Also called "Online Banking", this method of payment is suitable for anyone with a bank account with the online "bill pay" feature. Virtually all banks offer some method for paying bills online. You will need to set up Becton Properties, LLC as a new Payee. The information necessary is the payee name and address, which is:
		Becton Properties, LLC
		624 Holly Springs Rd.
		Suite 336
		Holly Springs, NC 27540
and your account number. The account number you need to use is the same as the Renter Code used for

Frequently Asked Questions

What about money orders?

Yes, we accept money orders. Money orders remain a trusted financial instrument. The U.S. Postal Service issues money orders for a small charge at any location. Money orders were originally issued by the U.S. Postal Service as an alternative to sending cash through the postal system for those who did not have checking accounts. Money orders are inexpensive and available from banks, any post office, Walmart, and other select retail outlets.

The post office will replace a lost or stolen money order for a fee. Just complete and submit PS Form 6401 Money Order Inquiry at your local Post Office. Once the post office has completed a payment inquiry on the status of the money order, they will issue a replacement.

Can I use cashier's checks?

Also called an 'official check' or 'bank check', a cashier's check is a check guaranteed by a bank. They are treated as guaranteed funds and are usually cleared the next day. Cashier's checks are an acceptable alternative to a money order.

What about Walmart MoneyCenter?

Walmart no longer offers MoneyCenter options that are applicable for local rent payments. Walmart money orders are inexpensive at $0.60.

What about personal checks?

We accept personal checks on a case by case basis. Contact us regarding use of personal checks.