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Becton Properties, LLC

Providing affordably priced housing in Raleigh and Wake County, NC since 2001

Use Our Screening Process to make sure you qualify for tenancy.

Application processing provided by TransUnion SmartMove

Our Application process uses TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions as a trusted third party independed screening system. Once you have viewed a property and decide you would like to rent, you can initiate the screening process with SmartMove QuickCheck PLUS and you can hold the property with a 'binder'. Details of the service are available by clicking here to go to TransUnion's web site. TransUnion also provides a comprehensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that should be able to answer all of your application and screening service questions.

All occupants over 18 are required to submit an application prior to our offering a lease. The applicant is responsible for completing the application process with TransUnion and providing the applicant's screening results to Becton Properties, LLC. Note that we do not need you to submit an application before we show the applicant our property. However we do need your name, email address, and minimal date of birth information so that we can pre-screen applicants via the Department of Public Safety offender database search.

Any applicable screening fees are the responsibility of the applicant per the TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions process.

Fill out the form below to request a property showing

To request to view a property, you will need to provide general information about yourself. All fields need to be filled in. Your IP address is:

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Have you ever withheld rent or been served an eviction notice or been asked to vacate a property where you were renting? Yes No
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How the binder works

Becton Properties, LLC will keep a property on the market until the applicant secures a binder by performing the following:

  • Applicant and Leasing Manager fill out and sign the Binder Agreement
  • Applicant makes a binder payment equal to one month's rent

    When the applicant meets the above requirements, the property becomes on the market-on hold. The binder temporarily reserves the requested unit exclusively for the applicant until the application is either accepted or rejected. If the application is accepted, the binder amount will be applied to the first month's rent. Before the applicant can move into the property, the applicant must provide the remainder (if any) of the first month's rent and the required security deposit. If the application is rejected, the binder amount will be returned to the applicant. In the event the applicant does not sign a lease within 10 days of application acceptance by Becton Properties, LLC or its agent, the property becomes on the market and Becton Properties, LLC or its agent retains the binder as liquidated damages.

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